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Design creates culture. Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future!

Jazz is an operation based in Qatar
offering a vast variety of communication
services. Innovative graphic design and
web development skills combined with
unique advertising ideas, give us the ability
to provide our clients with a dynamic set
of communication tools. Our approach
makes brands distinctive, attractive and
sets your products and services apart
from the competition.

With over 10 years of experience providing
services on an international level we develop
innovative ideas that are both imaginative
and effective in todays changing market.
Our main operation is located in Doha and
supported by our branch office in Athens,
Greece where our creative team and
specialized Web Developers provide us with
the necessary man power and expertise
needed to support our products and services.

We welcome you to the world
of Jazz
and invite you to join us
on our creative journey!


Our philosophy: Value for money!

At Jazz Design & Communication the concept “Value for money” is the cornerstone of our development. Each client is unique to us and we make it our mission to understand your needs in order to create tailor made solutions that are effective in today's international market. Here at Jazz, “Value for Money” is not an advertising slogan; it is the platform on which we will base our partnership. Reliability, responsibility and trust are the values on which we live and work by.

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