Jazz Services


Jazz Virtual Menus
  • Menu Platform Desgin
  • Menu Product Photography
  • Multilingual Translations
  • Text Content Creation
  • Service Support
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Graphic & Web
  • Corporate Identites
  • Packaging Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Advertising Leaflets
  • Web Design & Develop.
  • Mobile Applications
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3D Visualisation
  • Architectural
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Product Modeling
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  • Aerial Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Life Style Photography
  • Image Processing
  • Modeling & Styling
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Print & Production
  • Proof Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Cylindrical Printing
  • Customised Solutions
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In-store Digital Menu
Create your very own customized and branded digital
and improve customer experience, as well as help
promote and up-sell 
products and dishes of your
choice effectively and affordably.

JAZZ DESIGN & COMM. would like to present a new digital product custom
designed for restaurants, hotels and café’s. The Jazz Virtual Menu is a practical,
functional and efficient way of presenting your menu and products on an on-line
multilingual platform, through the use of digital tablets or other mobile devices.

Graphic Design Services
Working closely with talented artists and creating custom
artwork in combination with penetrating advertising
ideas gives our graphic design team a very strong advantage
towards delivering a top level result. We develop modern concepts
and come up with fresh ideas that are both imaginative and effective
towards meeting your needs and communicating what’s important
to you. Our extensive experience in matters of design and
communication allows us to produce outstanding results
for every design project.
   Web Services
     Our creative web design and development team has extensive
     programming knowledge that gives us the ability to create
     websites that are both attractive and dynamic. Customizing
     software to suit your exact needs as well as keeping up to
     date with today’s rapidly changing Internet market gives us the
     ability to provide you with online solutions that are sure
     to help your business create awareness about your products
     and services, allow you to sustain a strong digital position on the
     web and contribute to increasing your product sales. 

Web Services
Our creative web design and development team has extensive programming
knowledge that gives us the ability to create websites that are both attractive
and dynamic. Customizing software to suit your exact needs as well as keeping
up to date with today’s rapidly changing Internet market gives us the ability to
provide you with online solutions that are sure to help your business create
awareness about your products and services, allow you to sustain a strong
digital position on the web and contribute to increasing your product sales. 

Graphic Design Services
Working closely with talented artists and creating custom designed artwork
in combination with penetrating advertising ideas gives our graphic design team
a very strong advantage towards delivering a top level result. We develop modern
concepts and come up with fresh ideas that are both imaginative and effective
towards meeting your needs and communicating what’s important to you.
Our extensive experience in matters of design and communication allows
us to produce outstanding results for every design project.

Packaging Design Services
At Jazz Design & Communication unique artwork is combined with innovative
packaging ideas to create what we call a “Jazz Pack”. We make sure that we
understand your product and the target group it is aimed at, in order to create
original designs that are both attractive to your clients as well as effective towards
your sales expectations. Our approach makes your brand distinctive and sets your
product apart from the competition, giving you a strong advantage towards reaching
your goals and sustaining the profits you desire from your products.
Corporate Identities   ➤   Magazine Design   ➤   Brochure Design   ➤   Advertising Leaflets   ➤   Product Catalogues   ➤   Magazine Inserts

3D Visualization Service
Our 3D visualization service provides our clients with impressive visuals that are
customized to create a strong impact and impress targeted audience. Our specialists
have vast experience in designing interior and exterior architectural spaces,
as well as unique product packaging ideas. We work closely with our clients to
translate their ideas in to high quality 3D visuals that are sure to impress their viewers.
At Jazz Design & Communication we make the extra effort to ensure we convey 
a realistic 3D representation of our clients vision.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Great photography makes all the difference in promoting your company or products.
A good photograph implies that your product is high quality, trustworthy and worth your
customers investment. Our highly experienced team combined with state of the art
technology gives us the ability to produce amazing results, which gives you a big
advantage when promoting or presenting your products. First class photography
makes your products both attractive and appealing, in order to maintain a strong
and distinctive presence in the market and help you achieve the results you aim for.

Print & Production Services
We understand your need for high-quality printing services to help your business increase brand awareness
and produce new products. We can provide a wide range of printing services and help you come up with the
most suitable and cost effective solutions for your needs. Color proofing and a constant eye on detail ensure
that our clients receive nothing less than the results they desire.
We have established long term collaborations with printing companies in Qatar as well as in Malaysia,
Romania and Greece. This gives us a strong competitive advantage while at the same time allows us to sustain
the highest level of quality regardless of what your printing or production needs may be.

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